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Are you good at what you do? Do you strive every day to satisfy your customers?

Then Uniiti is the right choice for you, as it enables you to talk about your customers’ satisfaction in order to increase your sales without having to reduce your prices!

Talk about your customer satisfaction and about the quality of your establishment to attract new customers without having to reduce your prices

Reviews from your customers are, and will be, your best asset in getting new customers. Talking about the satisfaction of your customers is the best and most sustainable way to get new customers

Simply collect hundreds of REAL reviews by REAL customers and enhance your reputation online to get new customers

  • Your reviews are your reputation and your customers can make or break it
  • Adopt a proactive attitude to avoid problems linked with spontaneous reviews and their misrepresentations…
  • Our tools are there to enable you to collect hundreds or reviews in real time, to reply in one click and to disseminate them automatically online

Simple and effective tools

  • Several simple, flexible, innovative but above all effective methods of collecting reviews for your business or your company: IN SITU review (geolocation, RFID, QR code, etc.), Automatic Email Service (AES)
  • Unique emails and links that can be fully personalised, UNIITI invites all your old and new customers to leave a review about your business and its services
  • Easy-to-implement, secure and effective solutions: on average, more than 25% of invitations lead to a review

Retain your business’ unique personality

  • Each email sent to your customers is personalised, so that your emails remind them of your brand and its visual identity

Reply easily to your reviews if you want to

  • You can easily reply to your customers
  • Benefit from your customers’ comments to continuously improve your service with the aim of always increasing satisfaction

Download your reviews

  • Export your reviews in Excel or CSV
  • You can see an overview of your customers’ satisfaction in order to adapt the management of your business and continuously improve your service

Display your reviews where relevant and convert Internet users into customers!

  • You can easily reply to your customers
  • Benefit from your customers’ comments to continuously improve your service with the aim of always increasing satisfaction

Share your customers’ trust online

  • Your reviews displayed online on the largest review sites, on Google, on your website and on your mobile site
  • Strengthen your credibility and create trust by displaying your reviews on your website, especially when obtaining information, at the time of a booking or when making an appointment

Thanks to Uniiti, you no longer need to be afraid of reviews. You can also let us know about defamatory or irrelevant ones

  • Our tools assure you of the reviews’ authenticity
  • Benefit from your customers’ comments to continuously improve your service with the aim of always increasing satisfaction

Improve the visibility of your reviews on search engines

  • Find your reviews on search engines, where they count and make sense
  • Your online reviews are represented by an increase in traffic and click rate
  • If you find that a review is unfair, defamatory or irrelevant, you can report it to us. This review will not be published anywhere until our customer service team has verified it. It will be published or removed depending on the results of the investigation

Publish your reviews on social media

  • Uniiti enables you to share the quality of your service on the largest social networks
  • Retain your customers online and gain new ones…
  • Publish your reviews on social networks
  • An effective way of sharing and developing the image of your business or company
  • 900 million users who share their reviews about the best businesses and companies
  • Uniiti allows you to display your customer reviews to all Internet users and potential customers
  • Thanks to Uniiti, benefit from word of mouth in the digital world, since your customers can easily share their friends’ reviews. This encourages transparency and trust
  • Collaborate with your customers and work with their networks towards a more responsible, friendly and vibrant business

Be alert in real time thanks to live notifications of new reviews!

  • It will no longer be necessary to view each site one by one to see whether you have new reviews
  • Receive daily or weekly alerts about new reviews, thanks to Uniiti
  • Personalise your notifications to choose, for example, only to receive bad reviews, so that you can react as soon as possible
  • In the event of a bad review, settle the issue quickly without allowing a situation to persist that could harm your reputation and, as a result, lead you to lose customers
  • Also receive monthly summary reports

Measure your customer satisfaction

  • Monitor the average rating of all the reviews that we collect for you in real time
  • Quickly measure the impact of your changes
  • Monitor the change of your rankings and of your listing in each of the search tools

Save precious time

  • All reviews and scores centralised in a single summary dashboard
  • More than 10 review sites scanned every day
  • If needed, reply quickly to reviews thanks to a direct link redirecting you to the site in question

Detect potential false reviews

  • Receive an alert each time we detect a suspect review about your business
  • A potential false review has a rating that is very different from the average of other reviews
  • A link to the review detected enables you to report it or request its withdrawal


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