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Are you good at what you do? Do you strive every day to satisfy your customers?

Then Uniiti is the right choice for you, as it enables you to talk about your customers’ satisfaction in order to increase your sales without having to reduce your prices!

The single tool enabling the return on investment of their communicative actions to be measured

We centralise all figures and integrate a statistics module that shows you the key figures easily and in real time: statistics, conversion rates, reviews, etc. Manage your sales strategy easily.

Measure your return on investment

  • Your results are measured accurately and in real time
  • Measure the change in traffic on your web and mobile site and the different conversion rates into bookings, appointments or purchases
  • Count the number of bookings and appointments you receive online and by phone thanks to a free tracking number displayed on your web and mobile site
  • Monitor changes in customer satisfaction, the increase in your community on social networks and statistics linked to your newsletter mailings

Manage your activity more effectively

  • Find all the relevant information in the same place, no need for multiple tools, intermediaries or software
  • Use your statistics in your day-to-day management to continuously improve your service
  • Only invest in what is relevant to you


Retaining customers