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Multiply your visibility by 10, 20 or 50 thanks to our tools and our experts

Call-Tracking, an exclusive, ingenious and innovative solution developed by Uniiti to quantify the ROI (Return on Investment) of our customers’ campaigns. As its name implies, it involves tracking each phone call generated by your campaign.

Entrust your campaign to a Google AdWords Local Division

  • Monitored by a certified Google AdWords account manager
  • Management of a local, personalised communications campaign, honed and modified on a daily basis
  • Positioning on sponsored links at the top and to the right of search engines

A 100% personalised listing campaign

  • Choice of time window for your campaign
  • Determination of the geographic area for the dissemination of your ads
  • Selection of the most relevant keywords depending on your business
  • Optimisation of your position on Google Maps in order to be easily locatable by your prospects
  • Modification and flexibility of your campaign as required

Always the most powerful and innovate techniques to attract new customers:
the iBeacon

  • Send push notifications up to 70 m to increase awareness of your company or establishment, increase traffic at the point of sale and improve your turnover
  • Increase conversions thanks to sending personalised offers
  • Inform customers returning to your company or establishment
  • Promote your offers to the right person at the right time thanks to geo-dynamic content
  • Simplify user experience
  • Retain customers by dynamically creating a database enabling you to communicate with your customers in real time
  • Offer better service

Results that are 100% transparent with the support of tools enabling you to track all the impacts of our services

  • Monitor bookings and appointments made by phone thanks to the display of a free tracking number
  • Monitor bookings and appointments made via your sponsored website thanks to our online tracking tools (Allocation of a standard phone number (not 08 or premium-rate number)
  • This number, the aim of which is to quantify the telephone impacts generated by our services, is dedicated to your website and your listing campaign. It is then automatically transferred to your usual phone line (landline or mobile). Each call is announced by a Uniiti operator
  • Monitor your online sales thanks to your dashboard!


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