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Management of bookings and appointments

Simple, online booking and appointment software, effective and commission-free for your business

Simple and quick for your customers!

  • Register bookings and appointments 24/7
  • Your customers receive automatic confirmation by SMS and email and a reminder a few hours before the booking or appointment
  • Booking and appointment module translated into several languages to attract and satisfy foreign customers
  • Booking and appointment module available on your website, your mobile site and your Facebook page

Manage your bookings and appointments more easily

  • Automatic notifications of new bookings, appointments and cancellations by SMS, email or call
  • In just a few clicks, set your availability, holidays, etc.
  • Simple booking and appointment software adapted for businesses and companies of any size

Save precious time

  • Making bookings and appointments online is more practical, simpler and above all quicker than registering bookings and appointments by email. No more lost bookings and appointments that are left unprocessed for more than 24 hours with customers awaiting a response
  • Quicker processing times for online bookings and appointments compared to those placed over the phone. With online bookings and appointments, you and your teams are not interrupted while on the job

Immediately measure your customer satisfaction

  • Your customers receive a satisfaction survey after each booking, appointment or online sale
  • 1 out of 3 customers who place a booking or make an appointment online leave a review
  • Reply to reviews privately and improve your customer relationship
  • Continuously improve the quality of your services, thanks to reviews by real customers
  • Publish these verified reviews on your website to gain your future customers’ trust

Improve customer loyalty

  • Automatically and easily build your database of customers who book or make an appointment online
  • You have useful and valuable information about your customers: fist name, surname, phone number, email

Remain independent!

  • We don’t take any commission on bookings and appointments made via our booking and appointment tools
  • You are not required to offer promotions or discounts to attract more customers
  • 9 out of 10 people state that they are unaware of the return on investment of expenditure linked to